Defence and Cameron and Social Workers

We are struggling to find money yet Cameron has slashed the defence budget yet again, despite the enemies gathering pace behind us.

Getting rid of up to 20,000 professional soldiers and then relying on Part time week-enders to boost the armed forces. In the last year they have recruited 20 part timers yet 30,000 are needed; how foolish can you get. We know of course that this man has no judgement. If he was in charge of a special forces section he would have them wiped out before you could say, more spending cuts.

From Cameron’s point of view, sending absolute billions of pounds of aid overseas to corrupt countries is more important than defending our country.

MPs should do their job and rebel until this largesse has been reduced by at least two thirds. This is a disgusting state of affairs and should no longer be tolerated. Who needs enemies when the Prime Minister is reducing our means of defence.

English MPs are without doubt a complete and utter waste of time; they don’t deserve a pay rise.

UKIP has not gone. We need proportional representation and the BBC put out to grass.

I have read and watched Shanay (Daily Mail) seeking out a drink from a local store. Can you imagine how desperate this poor little girl was to seek help in this way; it tears your heart out just watching.

What is it about Social Workers, they steal children from their parent, often without good reason and spirit them away for ever. On the other hand when children like Shanya are in desperate need of help they fail them, time and time again.

They clearly fail when it comes down to compassion  and sympathy. It is time we looked at the type of people employed by the organisation. Yet again I say where are the MPs? it is time we took these people to task and demand that they do their job.

The ugliest phrase in the English language is ‘We must learn the lessons’ then you know that it is a total cop out.


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