Cameron and his deceit.


The Tories should bear in mind that they didn’t get a majority because people voted for Cameron, on the contrary they voted out Red Ed and his Marxist party; there is a big difference.

We all know that Cameron is the most deceitful man to come out politics for a long time. He talks about democracy and that’s it, he talks. Whatever this man says you can take with a ‘pinch of salt’ he is conspiring with Merkel to stay in the market. Some Tory, he is content with the fact that the EU are unelected, corrupt and backward looking, trade blocks are a thing of the past.

England would be in an excellent position outside the Eurozone.  At the moment we can freely trade with the Eurozone and that is unlikely to change despite what they say.   We would be in a position to establish further free-trade agreements with the Americas and Asia.  As such Britain would flourish as a bastion of free trade, while France, Germany and others  languish at their peril.

Sales of British goods went up by 11% last year whilst sales to the 26 Euro nations fell by 1.5%! Why on earth do we want to stay shackled to this monster; our future is  outside with new economies. Getting rid of this dinosaur would see us take off.

You can bet your life that Merkel gave Cameron an ear wigging and told him that he must not get rid of the Human rights despite the noise he made in opposition. Cameron talks about the EU but is totally wedded to it and will do exactly what he is told to do.

He is not on our side he is batting for the enemy.

He has come up with a fudge knowing that it will still allow the EU and Strasbourg to tell us what to do. Cameron does not believe in our sovereignty or our  country. What is worse is that so many of his MPs are off the same block of wood.

Nothing under Cameron will get any better, he has reduced defence in the most appalling manner with no thought as what will happen if we are attacked. Migrants will continue to pour in to our cities soon (and not too far away) they will reach into all our towns and villages and our way of life will be gone forever.

Violence will rear its head and picking off white Christians one by one will not be so easy when there are millions of them. Four million votes for UKIP is the writing on the wall, but these self serving MPs who talk of serving their country whilst lining their pockets are ignoring it.

We need a right wing government not a bunch of pseudo MPs. Cameron will continue to down-grade his demands in accordance with what Merkel tells him in private.

We can no longer trust our government to do what is right and protect our interests in every way.

UKIP has been right all along, Farage and Carswell know where the traitors are.


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