UN’s Francois Crepeau

If Monsieur Francois Crepeau wants to talk about restriction of rights and Nazi Germany then he should direct his attention to France where his fellow French speaking citizens sent men, women and children to the gas camps on behalf of the Germans.

Let us not forget also the Srebrenica genocide by Ratko Mladic  (VRS). A  weak United Nations Protection Force represented on the ground by a 400-strong contingent of Dutch (Dutchbat)  stood by whilst the town was captured.  8,000 men and boys were butchered and thousands of women raped, and this educated fool in the UN wants give the British lessons!!

The Bill of Human Rights was going to happen and that was five years ago and was again promised during this election campaign; it must be delivered. Clegg has gone but already Cameron has found another reason for not getting on with it.

To hell with the schoolboys outfit called the SNP, Dominic Grieve and others like minded. We in this country are being inundated and the white indigenous population are being squeezed out of their traditional towns and no good will come of it.


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