Cameron. Here we go again

Cameron has had 5 years to do something about the iniquitous Human Rights Act – it was all Clegg’s fault etc.

Yet he has fallen at the first fence by omitting it in the Queens speech.

Michael Gove Secretary of State for Education was far to good for his job so, at the behest of the Teaching Unions he was kicked out by Cameron and replaced by someone more amenable.

Now Michael Gove has come back as Justice Secretary with a view to repealing the HRA, however, Cameron has once again turned tail and Michael will be nothing more than a talking shop; he must be sick.

Cameron is pathetic, he waves a big stick, talks a lot but like Blair he ends up doing little or nothing. Take the referendum he is asking for nothing of any consequence and will in the end take it and pretended he has done wonders. Has he learned nothing from the election and the voters and why they voted for him.

People are totally sick of liars and want to take back control of their lives, that is why he was elected but already he is going backwards. We need another Margaret Thatcher, some one with conviction and resolution not some one ready to turn tail at the slightest provocation.


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