Human rights

Like the EU the Strasbourg Courts along with the HRA introduced by Labour (who else, they are such a menace) are not content unless they are in total control of our Parliament.

I am sick of people quoting Winston Churchill as being one of the arbiters of the act, he did not intend it to be turned into something quite as stupid as it is today. He did not intend for it to harbour rapists, burglars. paedophiles and  evil murderers, how many people have suffered as a result.

I would suggest that people like Shami Chakraabarti, Benedict Cumberbatch, Vanessa Redgrave and Simon Callow to name but a few should come up front and say, the next person in England who suffers from these criminals walking our streets, then they will take the full consequences from the relatives or others; bring them to account and let them suffer.

Neither did Winston envisage that the soldiers of this country would be sent to war and fight with one hand behind their back. He certainly did not envisage shyster lawyers working with men and women looking for a hand-out on the backs of our soldiers.

We in Britain under common Law have not suffered unduly but people are now suffering under the HRA. Freedom of Speech, however,  has suffered under British Courts. Under the Bill of Rights it states that Freedom of Speech should not be impeached or questioned, tell that to the countless parents who have had their children taken away without any recourse  by over zealous Social Services and backed up by the courts. Then these same courts ensure that no one can say a word under the penalty of prison.

This is a most foul and pernicious ideology ever. We have to go back over 75 years to the point where people were spirited away. How have we come to this; where are our MPs.

Cameron will not be forgiven if he back-tracks on his legislation as promised to the people; personally I have no faith in the man what so ever.

Get on with the referendum, every one knows that you cannot renegotiate. We can all see that he is hanging on by his fingertips. I am sure that Merkel cannot stop laughing in private at his futile endeavours.


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