Britain’s Sick Society

So the ‘cake debacle’ has ended and once again Christian beliefs have been trashed. The lawyer from the equalities commission who spoke on TV news this morning was interesting for what he didn’t say. There was a point where he virtually gagged, because he couldn’t say the word Christian.

I don’t belief in sodomy but it has now been accepted (but not I believe by the general public) however, the Gay lobby’s attempt to ram it down our throats by trying to force people to conform to their will is a very bad move indeed and I have no doubt they will be ‘hoisted by their own petard’ and well they will deserve it. Someone somewhere at some stage will not accept it, and they will have no one to blame but themselves.

Tim Loughton, the former children’s minister, said he is considering the deploying the “nuclear option” of naming members of a suspected Westminster paedophile ring on the floor of the House of Commons; so why hasn’t he done it. Who has got through to him.

Janner was given a peerage by Blair after being accused of child sex abuse. More cases have come to light yet the Crown Prosecution Service refuses to charge him because he suffers from dementia! He gets cross party support too, why? are some of Parliaments Gay Community involved.

Why is it that our MPs are so disinterested in sexual practices being employed against poor defenceless children. The truth is that the very people who are there to defend the population, are themselves suspect in the most awful of crimes, that is why.

The Archbishop of Canterbury and others of his faith are more concerned about so called social injustices than they are of protecting the Christian faith or children; they are of no use to anyone.

Maybe it is time for us to move across to Roman Catholicism. Their view on homosexual acts is clear, they regard as contrary to the ‘Natural Law’ and they do not proceed from a genuine affective and sexual relationship between a man and woman. we have had enough of these alternative lobbyists telling us what is right and what isn’t.

We have the education department telling us that it is right to teach very young children about the seamier side of life. I don’t know what is worst Geraldine Shackleton, headmistress of St George’s Bickley Primary School, in Bromley bringing in the police (they ought to be totally ashamed of themselves and so should she) to deal with a nine year old playing swords with a ruler, or teachers being prepared to introduce homosexuality, lesbianism and transgender to very young children.

When I was a child the police would have had to jail the whole class, on the other hand the police in those days knew what they were there for, and it wasn’t to berate a youngster because he did what children do, he played games.

Children are at school to learn, life and its vagaries will catch up later when they are more able to digest it. I like many others knew nothing about this seamier side as a child (40-s and 50s) and did not suffer for it.

I believe that talking or  writing books for young children give sexual stimuli to those involved, a form of sexual arousal and no parent should put up with it. We are drawing children down into the depths of depravity, where are those with some clout, why aren’t they doing something.

We need a full scale enquiry making sure that those in charge are not themselves tainted or open to pressure, we have had enough whitewashes.


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