Hypocrisy & Labour Marxism

How many of the Marxist Labour party are now saying that Marxism under the auspices of Ed Miliband was wrong, yet every one of them gave him their full hearted support. It shows that with doubt Labour MPs put their party before the well being of their country; and still people voted for them!

A head teacher has just endured a six month ‘disability hate crime’ by describing an autistic pupil has having special needs. How truly pathetic and sinister.

Who set this up, Marxist Labour of course. They drafted a politically motivated 2003 Criminal Justice Act. The definition of ‘Hate Crime’ is any incident

which is perceived by the victim or any other person as being motivated by prejudice or hate.

Talk about a licence to vent spite or otherwise. So whether a crime has been committed or not it makes no difference, in go the police to destroy another innocent persons life.

Remember Ed had made a pledge to the Muslim community to make Islam phobia a hate crime. What a wonderful time Islamist would have made with that.

It didn’t finish there of course Harriet equality laws take precedent over the Christian Communities as a result two Christian people have their guest house in the news because they didn’t want homosexuals and have paid the price. Then we have the Belfast ‘Gay Cake’ row, equally pathetic.

Victoria Wasteney, 37, was disciplined for alleged bullying and harassment after Enya Nawaz, 25, told managers that she tried to convert her to Christianity because she prayed for her. Hang on, how many Muslims have actively converted Christians, how many have been taken to task by the police or others.

In 1999 I finished a book and in that book I have a chapter ‘God Bless England’ which could have been written today outlining the above, including the judiciary whose independence can no longer be taken for granted, setting themselves above Parliament.

This is why the Labour party as a whole, are in my view extremely dangerous. They are not for the people and the more left they are the more violent they become.

MPs of all parties have abdicated their responsibility and are more interested in what they can get out of the system instead of working for the people.

Vote UKIP they must now get this foolishness behind them, apply common sense and remember why people voted for them.

See chapter ‘God Bless England’




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