It was inevitable that Farage would come back into the fold. This man has taken a movement from nothing to obtaining four million votes. Whilst as some journalists say, UKIP are still represented by their MP that is a load of hogwash. What really matters is that their views are not represented.

On Daily politics today we still had leftie Jo saying it was a bit like Soviet Russia because Farage came back. They cant help it BBC broadcasters are infused with left wing rubbish and on the whole the whole of the left are out and out fascists and ready at a moments notice to defy democracy and create violence.

The fight now begins to mollify the British by coming up with re-negotiations that on the face of it seem ok, however, we will be saying goodbye to a historically proud and democratic nation called England. If the public are conned by Cameron and say yes then that will be a starter gun for people like Junker. The only people who want us to stay in are the business community who see fatter pay packets for their shareholders.

This referendum is about a free and sovereign state, that is what it is about. Scotland will go, the writing is on the wall. Our trident and submarine base and the construction of or warships will be in a country where half of the people hate us.

Support UKIP Farage has already made a huge difference to our politics, so support him.

Every one keeps saying why did Labour lose, it is easy no one wanted Marxist government supported by a nasty anti English socialist Scots party and revolutionary Unions; that’s why.

Support UKIP


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