Where is democracy

UKIP garnered 4 million vote and ended up with one seat!! Disparaging to say the very least.

Cameron is now feeling very pleased with himself but he should take care as the people voted against Marxist Miliband, SNP and the Unions; they didn’t actually vote for Cameron.

Marxist Labour ignored the swell of opinion in Scotland and we just saw the result. Cameron is going to face UKIP at the next election, by then they will have wiped out Labour.

Cameron made one of his usual gaffes by calling four million voters fruitcakes and lonies then had go on his knees to get some of them back, however, I wasn’t one of them.

Cameron’s high handed approach will not go away, on the contrary he will now feel ennobled

I want an interviewer to ask him about an independent Scotland (now not very far away) and will he be prepared to have our Independent nuclear strike force, submarines and our warships built by a foreign country; what will he do about it.


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