I promise on my Marxist Tombstone

Do you realise that we could be stuck with this foolish, foolish man this week.

What is wrong with some of the English people siding with immigrants and left wing revolutionaries to destroy England.

TombstoneNever in recent history have we had a leader so completely out of touch with life and what an absolute liar he is.

He has completely run down Britain just to get into office and has put a new meaning to divide and rule and class warfare.

His MPs have deserted Britain and bear no relationship with what was the true Labour party.

Miliband is a truly dangerous man who may yet be manipulated by a woman whose aim is independence for Scotland, no matter what the cost.

The SNP have already destroyed democracy in Scotland. There is only one voice now, the SNP fascists have done their job; next stop England

Vote UKIP. Farage is the one voice in the wilderness that speaks the truth and has changed the face of politics in England. Don’t let the left and their thugs change that by conspiring to keep him out of office.

Remember the postal vote was put in place to rig elections, they will do it again. It is we, patriotic Englishmen and women who will pay the price.



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