Cameron and the Tory party, its too late.


The writing was on the wall when Cameron couldn’t get a simple majority against a labour party who had once again made us bankrupt.

Brown flanked by those two incompetents, Ed Balls and Miliband managed to destroy Britain taking us down into the gutter and now we are looking at Milband, McCluskey and Sturgeon.


Cameron a PR man, who thought he could fool everyone and treats them like erring schoolboys is now paying the price. His failure to live up to his pledge to give a referendum, following that with his obsession with Gay Marriage showed us what an arrogant man he was. His high handed approach when dealing with the public was foolish to say the least.

He has placed an order for three new warships in Scotland; Why not Portsmouth or Barrow. Further to that he intends to send our subs to a new base in Scotland. Why did we do this when we are looking at a nationalist fascist party ruling the roost in Scotland? A party who demonstrably hate the English and above all intend to break up the Union; and they will do it. At that point our sea defences and trident will be in the hands of a foreign power

This will mean that Scotland and Nicola (a foreign country) will be in charge of our sea defences including Trident, how bloody stupid can you get. Added to that, if Miliband gets in the SNP will supported by a Marxist party in government, and a revolutionary union in control of them.


The last government, again with Ed Balls and Miliband at a senior level created a multicultural society where Islam was feted and Christian was dragged before tribunal etc. for practicing their faith.

Miliband has now pledged to make Islamophobia an aggravated response, the police and Rotherham Labour councillors and other like them will be over the moon. They will be able to rape, and molest white women, taking anybody to court on the basis of aggravated Islamophobia.


This is how you intimidate people and wipe out free speech. It will only be while before the Marxist Labour party will come up with an ‘Enabling Act’ which will allow them to set up special courts with a view to targeting individuals at a local level. There will be judges of course but they will come from the left. This is how the Nazis controlled the population. Far-fetched, not really. The last government attempted to control free speech last time by putting a tag on anyone who disagreed with their policies. The disgusting Rotherham debacle took place because many were afraid of being called racist.

The socialist SNP in Scotland are now is threatening its own people because many want to speak out; tyranny is always just around the corner. Even now Nicola Sturgeon threatens England practically on a daily basis. She has no idea that she is stamping on the lions tail but the jaws are slowly but surely coming her way. Despite the fact that far too many of the Scots regard us as Sassenachs, which we view with wry humour, we have all realised that the Scots are in the end British. That has now sadly gone and all thanks to Nicola Sturgeon. Let them go, give the English votes so that we can dispense with them; give them what they want.

We must realise one thing and that is this Marxist Labour party led by this foolish man is dangerous and will bring violence to our streets; enough is enough.

Vote UKIP forget Cameron; don’t vote for a man who called us fruitcakes and loonies, vote Farage especially in the seat he is contesting. They are doing everything to make him fail because they are truly frightened of him.

Vote UKIP and get UKIP MPs in parliament.




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