Nigel Farage once again speaks the truth

The truth by Farage

This is the truth of the matter, soon if Red Ed gets in power ISIS and others like them will flood our country with individual Jihadists, who in keeping with the  fifth column that resides in England will wreak havoc.

When are we going to listen and stop paying court to the unelected totalitarian EU, who already have done untold damage to this country.

Here we must get rid of these elevated schoolboys leading this country. They have absolutely no common-sense and are led by the minority fools that seem to abound everywhere, particularly on the left wing BBC and of course Sky.

On Sky News this morning where the paper headlines are read, Sam and the Lady sitting next to him gave glowing references to Russell Brand! Where have these people been, Brand is clearly an educated fool, to talk about him as if he has something to offer this country and its people is foolhardy. This is what I mean when I say ‘minority fools’.

Where are the Statesmen or women, leaders who follow the latest gimmick or listen to these people are worth nothing, this is why we have gay marriage and spouting vulgarities to tiny children in Schools. It is lewdness and offensive to the extreme.

It has taken Farage to deal with the main issues of the day, defence, the NHS, Immigration and its real threat to our way of life. Migration watch has stated that between 1997 and last year 65% of the country’s 2.7 million housing units were headed by a foreigner and from 2005 to 2009 the figure rose to a staggering 89%; we needed a home built every four minutes to accommodate that increase. This is where we are, we are sleepwalking into darkness, so let us wake up.

Virtually all of this can be laid down to New labour with the two Ed’s in senior positions. Even now Red Ed will not put a cap on immigration. The immigration shadow minister on Daily politics under interrogation refused to consider their abject failure in the past and wanted to talk about the future. The truth is that they are prepared to do it again.

We need a man of Nigel Farage’s stature in Parliament. Everything he has talked about has made sense and has turned out to be true. We are about to cross the Rubicon, a mistake now could wipe out England. I don’t think the English people will be prepared to take this lying down; civil disorder is on the way.

VOTE UKIP we need UKIP MPs in parliament; Cameron has had his chance and ignored the obvious.



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