Cameron and UKIP


Cameron should stop digging, UKIP voters saw him for what he was a long time ago, nothing more than a PR man and speechmaker. There is more to life than that and it is why he has never been able to connect with the electorate.

Someone should have told him long ago that the average man is able to take two and two and make four, so treating the working population like a load of erring schoolboys was not the way to build friends.

As we saw later he was arrogant and foolish enough to ram Gay Marriage down our throats, despite the fact no one wanted it. Stonewall will not be happy until it has groomed every young school children in the more sordid of life styles. The truth is that is happening now, fancy asking a very, very young child if he is happy in his body! What a foul and evil thing to have done. Parents should speak out now.

Now Cameron is courting the UKIP voters having once called them fruitcakes and loonies. Why would anyone vote for a man who saw them in that light.

UKIP should continue to vote for UKIP and put MPs into parliament so that we can have a say. If you vote for Cameron and he gets in he will once again discard UKIP voters and we will have let down Nigel Farage who has campaigned for the people of England tirelessly.

Farage deserves to get into parliament, he is a consummate politician, speaks the truth. The media and the left have done everything to rubbish the party, that’s how afraid they are of the UKIP voter. left wing supporters have been sent out to do their bit, but the people have realised as to what is going on and are ignoring it.

To me one of the worst things Cameron has done is to compromise the defence of this country preferring to send our money out largely corrupt politicians in other countries.

He talks about how much he is spending yet we have two aircraft carriers in dock with no aircraft to put on them. Warships have been reduced to a pathetic and dangerous level and we cannot even patrol the sky without meeting Putin’s men, further to that we are reduced to asking the Americans to check for subs in our waters.

Professional soldiers are being dangerously reduced on the basis that we can use reservists in lieu of. I am well able to make comment on this and I can tell you that is a dangerous move.

Look at the adverts for reservists particularly where it states you only need to give 19 days per year of your time. I can tell you that it takes a lot longer than that. The truth of it is that, once again Cameron is treating everyone like an idiot.



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