Red Ed and the SNP


Ed on the Andrew Marr show today kept on telling us that he would ignore the SNP. What a joke, he knows and most important of all is the fact that we know he is talking nonsense.

Ed will be under attack, not just from the SNP but the 129 revolutionary  union sponsored potential MPS. He cannot AND WONT IGNORE THEM.

Those gurus Ed is paying to tell him how to act in front of an audience will do nothing to eradicate the real Marxist underneath. This man is dangerous because like all of the Marxists he is more concerned for his party than the people.

The SNP is telling us that even if we have a majority Conservative government Nicola will keep them out, that will clearly make them illegitimate and we should kick them out.

The legitimacy of any government is still derived from the consent of the people,

and no smug Scottish Nationalist is going to take that away. By the way this also applies to the EU, there is no consent by the people of Britain to be governed by an unelected totalitarian state.

Nicola is playing a dangerous game, all designed to have us kick them out of the union. I say give them what they want and get rid of them and let the people of England vote to send Scots back over the border.

Why are we giving Welsh plaid so much time, this woman doesn’t even have a seat and with very few supporters.

Hani al Sibai a known terrorist wanted by so many is still walking the streets of London, all thanks to another of the Labour parties idiocies i.e. the Human Rights Act. Quite frankly I blame Cameron he has had 5 years to sort out this foolish and dangerous act and has done nothing.

It is about time we took the bit between our teeth and ignore this act, Take action now and immediately deport this man and others.

Vote UKIP now more than ever do not be fooled by Cameron, it is UKIP seat we want so that we can make a difference.

Cameron is asking UKIP voters to come over because is frightened that UKIP will have a say in the next government. Farage has brought us so far. The old Labour and ex Conservatives should vote for UKIP their policies make sense. We can still support Conservative policies whilst putting UKIP policies to the front.

Marxist Labour will not rule out more immigration, so stand by whilst millions more come from all parts of the globe.

So vote UKIP



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