Marxist Labour and it’s stunning hypocricy

NicolaThat sly Marxist Red Ed has sunk to a new low, there are depths to how low this Marxist party can descend to, including doing a deal with the SNP, who wants to break up Britain..

He has used the death of hundreds of people for electoral purposes, using lifeless bodies floating in the Mediterranean as a weapon. Now he tries to tell us that it wasn’t his intention to blame it on Cameron. Ed is a down and out liar of course, because that is what he intended to do.

Red Ed was a senior advisor in the in the New Labour party, a party that lied to the people and misled parliament. They took us into Iraq and Afghanistan as a result of which, hundreds of soldiers died and were maimed and up a 100,000 Iraq people died. Further to that they landed us with 3.6 million immigrants and totally trashed Britain’s economy. Today our schools suffer through overcrowding, housing is now in short supply and our overall social services are in total disarray.


Are they sorry, of course not the whole of the Marxist Labour party have collective amnesia. We all know that old saying “It wasn’t me guv”

Now we have Len standing by to add his pennyworth, another Trotskyist

What is happening in this country?

Ralph Miliband fled to Britain in 1940 to avoid persecution. maybe he did serve time in the Navy but whatever he didn’t like who or what we were and persevered with the causes of Marxism till his dying day, and in doing so passed his ideology it down to his sons; now we have Red Ed carrying on his work.

I am sick of these people who come to our shores for protection and immediately want to change who and what we are. Why didn’t the Marxist Milibands go to Russia for asylum, there they wouldn’t have had to change anything.


James Kirkup in the telegraph seem worried because Cameron has talked about the English, giving us a little graph and saying is this the right thing to do.

Mr James over 81% of England is still white and English and only 1.4 million of Indians reside here. most of them now seem to be in the media. Once again anything to do with England is fair game for bringing the flag down. Is there anyone in the media who are proud of being English; I doubt it.

Forget Cameron and his come back to us call to UKIP members. What is important is the fact that we have the maximum of UKIP seats. If Cameron is the largest party then UKIP can still use their seats to help prop him up (we certainly would ignore Marxist Labour) and give us a say.

Don’t let Cameron dissuade us from UKIP seats Farage has worked hard to get us where we are today, Vote UKIP and get UKIP. Whatever happens the SNP and the revolutionary union. are going to be in the driving seat.

How can any Englishman or women give their vote to those who want to destroy England is beyond me.



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