Fascist SNP

A Marxist labour party held in place and dictated to by the SNP will have no democratic legitimacy to govern England.

Further to that Trotskyist MPs put in place by revolutionary unions are not representative of English voters.

If they try to do this then the indigenous English voter will be entitled to resist in any way possible.

SNPEd will try to do a deal, getting into power is more important than the well being of the country. Labour first.

What has happened to the once stalwart Labour party that they should now get into bed with the Socialists and Trotskyist parties. We all know that they do not have the well being of the country at heart.

We should let the Scots go now, the Union is finished.

Anti -Semitism is on the rise and I am definitely not one of them, however, if Ed gets in and teams up with the Scots it will rise even further and the Scots will have lost their place in our recent history and become our enemy.

Nicola has made it clear that she regards us as the enemy by threatening England on a daily basis.

So be it.

Ignore Cameron and Vote UKIP. We will need UKIP to protect our interests.

Farage has shown his mettle, despite all that has been thrown at him by the media. Remember that he is on our side.

Last weekend anti-fascists and Left-wing activists from outside of Kent descended on UKIPs campaign in Kent; this is what we are up against. Who sent them out, Marxist Labour or the Unions? 

I watched daily Politics yesterday and saw the Shadow health secretary rescued by the BBC. He was floundering as a result of Andrews questioning so the BBC pulled the plug and took him off the air Such blatancy, they no longer feel the need to hide their prejudices.



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