Defence of the realm


Putin’s ambassador threatens Demark with the nuclear option and sends his tanks out.

We can assume that had we not have a nuclear option he would feel free to threaten us also. Yet we have these silly fringe parties and the SNP wanting us to abandon the trident.

The SNP doesn’t want it but they certainly want to come under NATO and the American nuclear umbrella, such hypocrites.

Cameron would rather spend vast amounts on overseas aid instead of protecting the realm.

british soldiersThe Tory party should commit right now to spend 2% of the GDP on defence.

We could reduce the Admirals in the navy by at least three quarters and the Captains by 200 or more.

Juncker has ruled out any negotiations whilst he is in office. So 2019 is two years after the planned referendum. in other words;

no serious renegotiation are now possible.

What is your excuse now Cameron, in truth you are now exposed for the charlatan you really are.

Prove us wrong, Juncker has saved your face, you can now commit to a referendum this year. Make the announcement this week.

Vote UKIP for truth we have already seen the BBC once again trying to denigrate UKIP by fiddling the debate.

Nicola Sturgeon has made it clear that she will ignore the vote if the Tories have the largest party. This is a frightening turn of events.

Scotland is on a dangerous path stirring up the English voter and will only have itself to blame when it blows up in its face.



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