The left have it


A programme that was biased in all respects.

Dimbebly held up his hands and said; this was and is a fair audience. This from a typical BBC journalist! he was wrong of course.

The BBC are a left wing organisation who wouldn’t know fairness if it came up and hit them in the face, and we have to pay for them.

Take a good look at the photograph below, this is about what is to happen.

Vote UKIP we must have enough seats to make a difference. Cameron saying come back to us is too late.

Or he could try in the next week to say

1/ A referendum to be held by the end of this year.

2/ Commit to a 2% of GDP for defence

3/ Reduce aid down to 3 billion.

Will he, I doubt he simply doesn’t have the guts or inclination. Like Blair he believes that God has put him there to lord over us.

Vote UKIP, this is really the last chance or do you want a pugnacious Scottish woman to ‘bring us to heel’




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