An English parliament

If the Marxist Labour party and the SNP get in government then the English are in for a very rough ride and that includes letting in even more immigrants.

They, particularly the SNP intend to strip the English bare. When that happens we will have no one to protect us anymore because the left have infiltrated every aspect of our society and its institutions.

In 1992 Dr Kalim Siddiqui set up an Muslim Parliament which exists today, eventually launching a Strategy for Survival. An interesting part of that strategy states that Muslim women should play a major part in the public life of the Muslim community in Britain… The fact is that a Muslim woman cannot be a western woman

Muslim women have a higher and nobler place in society than the so-called “emancipated” women in the west”.

So there you have it.

They also go on to state that;

  • Muslims will insist, and continue to insist for as long as it may be necessary, that the British State provide them, their religion and culture protection from gratuitous insult, obscenity and abuse.
  • Muslims will make it clear to the State, and to all sections of British society, that they do not expect to be and will not tolerate being insulted and abused on grounds of their religion, culture and traditions

We have all seen that the above two paragraphs quite obviously do not apply to Christians, here, or anywhere else.

On the Sky news this morning the anchor man, when talking about the immigrants picked up by the Italians and those Muslims who were arrested, could not bring himself to state that these Muslim people were arrested for throwing overboard Christians, why not? If it had been the other way around you can imagine the hue and cry from all including the Islamic community.

So I believe that we should copy Dr Kalim Siddiqui and set up an English Parliament under the auspices of the English Revival Party. Like the two bulleted paragraphs above we too can make it clear that we will not accept what we as Christians have to accept today. Particularly the rape and violation by Muslims of the so called “emancipated women in the west.”

The English Revival Party should set its sights against the SNP and the Marxist Labour party. All right wing groups should support it because there is nowhere else to go. If nothing else Islam has shown us what we need to do to protect our country and way of life.

Let us not forget it is our country


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