Nicola Sturgeon


Sturgeon poster


The debate last night made it obvious as to who is going to be in charge if Labour gets in.


Nicola is aggressive. I wouldn’t be surprised if she had razor blades sown up in her lapels! on the other hand her tongue is sharp enough, and she will swallow Red Ed and then spit him out.

She is without doubt a very sharp cookie.

She talks about helping all the people in England, but don’t believe it. She is a real nationalist and is intent on screwing everything she can out of the English. The SNP hate the English, that has become blatantly obvious to any sane person.

Red Ed is a Marxist and is clearly a non believer and what’s more carries a sharp knife. Any man who stabbed his brother in the back will think nothing of doing the same to us all.

To help him he has the SNP, the Greens, the Unions and the unelected regime across the water.

Farage was right, I don’t know how it was done but that audience was certainly completely on the left. You cannot trust the BBC with partiality.

As for the Plaid and the greens they talked complete rubbish and as for immigration, when will they get it, its not about immigration as such it is about the immigration system; we need to control it.

You note the Greens did not answer the question about the point based system. I bet the Aussies were glad to get rid of her. What is about immigrants, they come in then want to change everything.

Cameron’s party is standing still and it is because he is classed as a liar and totally deceitful. He however should have been there last night to put the case, another lack of judgement.

To get in, even now the Tory party should commit to 2% of the GDP for defence and a referendum at the end of this year.

VOTE UKIP they only one to talk sense last night.


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