UntitledFarage’s manifesto makes common sense and the money is there to be seen.

  1. Cancel Speed 2 rail line link
  2. Abolishing the Barnet Formula
  3. Cutting foreign aid
  4. Leaving the EU

All of which allows for spending 2% of national output on defence.

3 Billion for NHS and various other items etc. No black holes in UKIP’s manifesto unlike the other parties.

The manifesto is a carefully reasoned and a practical document and above all a candid document. No wild promises; just listen to Cameron and Red Ed trying to outdo each other.

UKIP will give us a point based system, right now we have everybody and anyone flooding into England, as a result it has seriously affected our social system and made a mess of housing and schools.

Juncker has made it clear that there will not be any negotiations whilst he is in office, that however will not deter Cameron from trying to hoodwink us. Remember Cameron has no intention of leaving the EU, none whatsoever. He has no reason now not bring forward the referendum to this current year.

We need Farage and UKIP MPs to pull the Tory party into line. Forget Clegg he is yesterdays news but Nicola, the Marxist Labour party and the unions will take us back into the gutter where they left last time; so think hard.

Vote for Farage and UKIP.

Farage deserves to be in parliament. He has taken everything they have thrown at him, he worries them all because he has constantly shown them up for what they all are – liars.


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