Telegraph still at it.

A telegraph journalist asked why there was no black faces on view, again any old rubbish to try and paint UKIP as racist. Most of the racists are in the media and they all know very well that UKIP is not racist.

Mind you UKIP did not use bruisers and the terrorist act to get him out of the hall. I am sure that is what the Telegraph wanted was a violent reaction, which is why he was told to asked the question. The editor must have been so disappointed.

Today on Daily Politics Jo Coburn kept asking Patrick of UKIP who he would like to see as Prime Minister, time and time again; what trivia and typical of Jo Coburn. All she knows is how to bring everything down, a typical BBC person.

She should spend a week with Andrew Marr and learn how to actually conduct an interview. She will not of course because she is so arrogant.

Today UKIP they launched their manifesto, so why did she ignore it, I will tell you why, it is for the same reason that the Telegraph Journalist came up with his idiotic question. The media are more concerned with denigrating UKIP and by doing so alienating  many voters in England.

Putin sent his ships and aircraft into our waters and airspace again. Tomorrow or next week he may take it to the point where we should take action. What will Cameron do then, ask NATO for help. He will not get of course Putin has just annexed Crimea and no one did a thing about it.

The point is we should be prepared for action without relying on others but we simply haven’t got the forces at sea or in the air to combat any aggressive act. It is too late when it happens, how many will have to die before Cameron does his job and defend the realm.

To hell with sending our money overseas when it is needed here. 3 Billion is more than enough to spend on aid.

Vote UKIP we need enough UKIP MPs in parliament to hold the balance of power. We had enough of Clegg and his foolish policies and deceit and we certainly do not want upstart Nicola wielding a rod over our backs.

Vote UKIP.


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