What has happened to the English people!

Looking at the endless polls that are rolled out on a daily basis, I am given to ask what has gone wrong with the people of England? There seems to be a communal sense of blankness, it is as if the recent past never existed. People are still prepared to vote the Marxist Labour in yet again, why!

The same two Eds were in senior positions in the last government, have we forgotten what the New Labour party did to England. Why have we forgotten that these are the people who took this country down into the gutter and left us there.

New Labour hated England and the middle class (who are at the end of the day ordinary working people) they hated them so much that they left the door open to bring in as many immigrants as they could to adulterate the English population. Remember what  Mandelson said; ‘they sent out search parties’.

It was during this time that the French came up with ‘Londonistan’ and with due cause. the New Labour party went out of their way to welcome Islam at the expense of our Christian culture. Labour at Rotherham deliberately protected Muslims whilst they raped and turned white Christian women into object of slaves.

Tony Blair and his cronies led us into wars where many of our British soldiers were horribly maimed and died all because he misled Parliament; up to a hundred thousand Iraq civilians died too.

I do not support Cameron’s Tory party, however, despite all the coalition has taken out of the gutter where they left this country and has taken us back on the road to sanity.

The Marxist Labour Party are now telling us what has gone wrong! and how they are going to fix it. I know this much, if I brought in a trader and asked him to decorate my bedroom, then found that he had made a complete and total mess of it, the last thing I would do is ask him to redecorate the lounge.

These people are not just incompetent but they are also evil, they demonstrated that by turning their guns on England. Even now they keeping the door open to do a deal with the SNP whose main aim is to destroy parliament and the union. What sort of madness is it that would allow anyone to contemplate this party.

Tony Blair is trying to cast his shadow over us again. He has used his position to make millions out of his time in office. This is a Labour leader who should held for war crimes, but he is protected. The fact that he was allowed to speak is an insult to every soldier who paid the price for his arrogance.

I hope the people of Thanet will vote for UKIP. He has changed the politics of this country for the better and made other parties face up to what should and shouldn’t be done. We need him to speak for the people because neither of the other parties do. They do not understand the people of England, and the establishment need to be exposed for what they are.

Vote for Nigel Farage and UKIP, the people party.


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