Here we are again- Class War



Miliband has no understanding of the benefits of business to society as a whole, which is why he talks such complete and utter rubbish. Like Michael Foot before him, he has no idea as to what makes the nation click.

We are now unfortunately in the position where benefit cheats and the  immigrant population know where their bread is buttered, so we can end up  with the biggest bunch of hypocrites ever because these people will vote for them.

Coupled with that we have nonsensical greens, the Welsh Party (Mrs Windsor!) SNP who like to blame Thatcher for everything and the revolutionary union all  backed up by a totalitarian regime across the water who hate us most. The true English people are being trodden on with glee by these people.

There will of course be a referendum, but Cameron will take anything and call it a successful renegotiation and take us in; he is a dictator with gloves on. Where Cameron is concerned it is a case of to hell with the people, I know what I am doing.

We have all seen Westerns where the Indian Chief challenges those who took their land by saying ‘He speaks with forked tongue’; that’s Cameron.

Tory Party

Theresa May has given another weapon to the Islamists with hate crime legislation. Stand by for an endless supply of Englishmen being sued for a so called hate crime against Islam. Now they are just like the labour party, find a law so that you eliminate free speech. Catch them one by one.

‘It goes on and on, crack a joke, make an innocent remark, pass a justifiable comment express a religious opinion and you can find yourself being dragged through a court or tribunal. There you will most likely be publicly berated and humiliated by the very people who were once there to protect your interests. Like the Soviets of old you can now be punished for not conforming to Party ideology. Families forced to suffer humiliation by default and young children branded and cowed into submission.

Who would have thought it would come to this at the behest of English politicians. They have discarded shame and patriotism and seek nothing more than to  further their own ends; betraying their country and its people in the process of doing so.

Vote UKIP there will not be another moment like this; decide whether you want to be a serf or not.


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