The Debate

The papers are full of ‘who won the debate’ I will tell you hasn’t won and that is the indigenous English public.

The policies of all the parties less UKIP is to see England relegated to the side-lines, once and for all.

Nicola is intent on establishing a free Scotland, but she talked a good talk, however, we should remember that the Scottish extravagance is based on the outmoded Barnett formula, taking our hard earned taxpayers money to spend on themselves.

I think we should remember that Nicola is a dangerous woman.

Leanne Wood didn’t actually come up with anything other than sound bites and as for her comment about Farage saying he should be ashamed because he highlighted the fact that those with HIV from virtually anywhere can come here and use our NHS. Those who have HIV as a result of their lifestyle should be treated at home, not here.

We all know that there are people who have HIV through no fault of their own and they of course are treated, but if Leanne is so concerned about the world we can send them all down to Wales to be treated, courtesy of Leanne Wood. So if you want your HIV treated go to Wales, that’s the message.

Clegg is clearly finished.

Green party! please.

In 1983, the Labour manifesto called for a withdrawal from the European Economic Community.

“On taking office we will open preliminary negotiations with the other EEC member states to establish a timetable for withdrawal; and we will publish the results of these negotiations in a White Paper.” Such hypocrites.

Red Ed does not believe in allowing over 70% of the English population a vote, despite the fact they want it to happen. This man who has never had a job wants to impose his foolishness upon us.

Whenever he answered any question his lack of sincerity shone through. Turning to face the Camera instead of the person who asked the questions, made the point; did he think we all fell for that.

This Marxist leader will under pressure from Nicola will sell us down the river for his own end. It must not happen.

Where is the money coming from, that was the overriding question and there was only one man who came up with the answer; Farage.

  • HS train.
  • Reducing the astronomical Aid programme.
  • The EU a totalitarian regime across the water who still haven’t learned we do not want to be under Germany’s control. What it is about Germany, I don’t know, they simply have to be on top. Using other countries as slave labour is out of fashion and it about time that they realised it.

Cameron is another man to watch, you can be sure that whatever he comes up with he will have a different objective, he cannot be trusted.

A man whose priority was gay marriage and sending huge amount of aid to ostensibly corrupt countries whilst reducing the amount spent on defence of this country, is not a man I would vote for.


Once again Farage spoke the truth, so vote UKIP, in that way we can have patriotic MPs in the house instead of poodles many of whom will sell us down the line at the first opportunity.

Vote UKIP.



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