Scottish National Party

Scottish National Party

Scottish National Party

This is a party which, with Marxist Labour will seek to destroy England.

We saw during the last government that New Labour were very clearly anti- English and anti-middle class. These were the people who let in, quite deliberately up to four million immigrants. It is no surprise that they will be buoyed by the immigrants during the voting for a new government.

Further to this Marxist Labour are supported by the Unions, up to 146 potential MPs are paid for by them.

The unelected totalitarian regime across the water want England decimated too. Blair started this process of breaking down England into fourteen provinces. So now we have Scotland and its Saltire, Wales with its flag, the Euro flag whilst England’s flag is classed as a racist emblem by the left.

Never was a vote more crucial than this one, England is now literally on the brink of a complete break up. Should this happen then inevitably there will be civil disorder, it is difficult to see any other alternative.

I believe that the Marxist Labour and the SNP are going to wake up England and will rue the very day.

Vote UKIP. Every true Englishman and woman must come out to vote.


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