“Red Ed a liar”

Dan Hodges, journalist, Labour party and ex GMB trade union official, has laid bare Ed’s volte face on Syria. Those that watched the debate would have seen Ed showing off his new colours, ‘hell yes I am really hard’ etc.

He told us he had been called into a room following a call from president Obama, He said I listened to them, made up my mind and said no.

Dan Hodges makes no bones about it and said it was a lie and a total misrepresentation  about what he did on the Syria vote. Ed told Cameron that he would be prepared to support military action but would need some concessions. Cameron agreed to all that he asked for.

In the meantime members of the shadow cabinet and Downing street began to have concerns over Miliband’s intentions over the vote. Red was warned by the Labour whips that there would be significant backbench rebellion if he supported action. On that basis alone Red decided to vote against the government.

Dan Hodges said it was an act of political calculation and opportunism  borne out of political weakness. He concludes by saying

Stand up to Barack Obama or Vladimir Putin? Ed Miliband wouldn’t stand up to Diane Abbott.

Red Ed is everything we have all thought him to be, however, he will get the immigrants voting for him because it suits their purpose. The SNP too are getting more and more dangerous, therefore the people of England must make each SNP MP  Persona  Non Grata. They have now clearly made themselves the enemy of England; let us face it we have enough home grown enemies in England without adding to them.

Why are we so intent on stopping the followers of ISIS from leaving these shores, it doesn’t make sense. We want the fifth army, men and women out of England. Radicalisation will not be defeated by taking their passports away, they will always be a source of danger to the public. For goodness sake if they want to go, then let them go.

Vote for UKIP, England is now seriously in danger from within and without. We need an English party who will seek to protect England.

We need an English parliament, and an English broadcasting service. The SNP have made up their minds to move away from the union; so the Union Jack will go.  Bring back Trident to England and all the ship building and tell the Scots to sell their goods elsewhere.

Vote for England, Vote UKIP. 





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