Whether you agree with Cameron or not (personally I don’t like him and will not vote for him) he answered Jeremy Paxman question’s fairly directly and in a reasonable way, so too with the audience.

Ed Milliband gave nothing but sound bites and clichés, attempting to take on Paxman and getting slightly aggressive, showed that he had lost the argument.

What ever happens, we are still in this country facing a real problem. Despite Ed saying that he will take on Salmond the truth of the matter is that he will be bound hand and foot by the SNP.

Labour showed us last time that the well being of the  Labour party is more than important than the country. He talks about the middle classes as though he actually feels for them! when in fact they hate the middle classes; that was demonstrated last time. They will seek and get their votes from the immigrant population because they have, and will still continue to look after them.

So now the future of England comes down to mostly immigrant votes and a Scottish National Party whose aim in life is to break England. Add that to the regime across the water who also want to  break England and we have a problem.

We need to vote UKIP, failure to do so will see England sink into the mud.

Vote UKIP and ignore the deliberate attempts by the media and otherwise to denigrate us; especially  the BBC.