Nicola Sturgeon, Salmond and clearly Red Ed in Marxist Labour have decided that, what ever the result of the next General Election they intend to deny the Conservatives a say in government and will hold England to ransom.

In addition to this they intend to break up the union.

So they have unequivocally made themselves the enemy of England

The Scots, in their foolishness have decided that the English will stand for it.

This hatred of England will rebound on Scotland. If Salmond is right and a few million of Scots try to bring us to heel, then they had better be prepared for a fight.

The first thing we can do is make it impossible for SNP MPs to conduct their business here by peaceful means. The Farage incident makes it clear that incitement and disturbing the peace is now out of the policeman’s remit.

We can put an English voluntary ban on purchasing any Scottish product food or otherwise.

We can end the contract for Type 26 frigates to be built on the Clyde, BAE should relocate the warships to made at Portsmouth. Over half of the Scots hate England on that basis how many Scotsmen could we trust to build our ships.

If Scotland is intent on bringing down England then why should we entrust our warships to the self confessed enemy of England.

Cameron’s lack of judgement has ended up with Scotland building the next generation of our warships in a country that hates England, whilst demoting Portsmouth.

We should now be looking seriously at a new base for Trident in England. The money earmarked for rail transport will go a long way towards it.

Let the Scots go, it is what they want and above all I am sure the England will be glad to get rid of these continually whining Scottish people.

We need to vote for UKIP and give them enough seats to make difference. This is not about fringe parties this is about the continuation of England, this is important.

We saw what the left (in whatever guise) did with Farage by targeting his family at his local. This was not a joke but a deliberate attempt to deny an English vote and intimidate a leader of UKIP. When it comes down to fascism it is the left who actually practice it. These people are dangerous and are backed by virtually all Labour MPs (A labour MP and Lib Dem on Daily Politics would not condemn it, just weasel words) and of course the BBC who went out of their way to make this man a local hero. The BBC of course are the same people who gave Anjem Choudary a platform, a member of a banned terror group.

Vote UKIP, it is our only chance for England to survive.


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