Tim Stanley Telegraph

The Farage family’s flight from the Queen’s Head is going to add to Ukip’s sense that it is being singled-out and demonised – as, indeed, it palpably is. Aside from the question of whether or not this is unfair, it’s also hysterical on the part of the protestors. If they really want to fight xenophobia, they would do better to challenge the EU’s immigration policy. While Ukip wants a colour-blind point-based system, the EU operates nationalist protectionism: free movement within its borders but tight limits outside, kept in check with the use of almost military force. In Greece, people who have shot and killed migrants have walked out of courts free men.

Vote UKIP otherwise you will get the left and the violence that goes with it.


Theresa May

She said there was “increasing evidence that a small but significant number of people living in Britain – almost all of whom are British citizens – reject our values”.

She said “hundreds” of British citizens had travelled to fight in Syria and Iraq. OK so let them stay there and stop worrying about those who have crossed the border; they have made a decision so let them live with it. Why should we worry about getting them back.

She went on to say that the government wanted to defeat extremism in “all its forms”, but said “the most serious and widespread form of extremism we need to confront is Islamist extremism”.

If they reject our values Theresa May then why are they here. Take their British Passports away and get rid of them. A Party Political Broadcast will do absolutely nothing, and well you know it.


Daily Politics

Wasn’t it absolutely typical of the BBC and Jo to give a platform to that sly looking man, who along with his fellow travellers targeted Farage at a family Sunday lunch. Where were the police, is disturbing the peace another law swept under the carpet.

As for the panel, with the exception of the Conservative they would not condemn it, ah yes, if it was true etc. etc. They are without doubt wretched people. What I would like to see is young UKIP members doing exactly the same to the man who organised it, the Lib Dem family and so too for the Labour party member.

It is a sign of the times; right or wrong does not come into it. What did Norman say ‘they are disliked’ as a party, how truly pathetic. Does he think the Lib Dems are popular and as for the Labour Party look how evil they are.

Jo of course carries on the best traditions of the Anti-English BBC, bias and propaganda, and put the worst possible gloss on everything and at the same time looks so pleased. It is about time they were put out to grass. Why should we support a load of left wing propagandists with our money.

Vote UKIP for the SNP and Labour will do more than bankrupt us this time, they will bring violence onto our streets.