England 2015

England is now unedifying, why; it is because the rights of everyone transcends basic morality.

We are all aware that marriage between a man and woman is the only way to bring children into this world. Every self respecting organisation knows this, so does the church yet we now have children brought into the world by people ‘just to make a buck’ or because I want one, and Cameron brings in gay marriage.

A mother has borne a child for her ‘gay’ son! why should I be denied being a parent, that is what he said! and there you have it. We have crossed the Rubicon, Gays, Lesbian, anyone, I want a baby! it is my right. There is no thought for the future of the baby in question, or the harm that may be wrought upon him.

The legal age for girls to have sex is 16 yet the NHS have a C Card scheme allowing young girls to use it 6 times for condoms. What sort of government sets the legal age for sex at 16, yet allows our health service to circumvent it. The NHS are breaking the law; no nurse GP or parent is involved, this is a disgusting state of affairs.

Scotland Yard too appeared to have lost their “moral compass”, by taking details from birth and death records in the past, without the consent of the children’s families and got away with it. Today with the exception of the security services we have almost got to the stage where we are simply policing ourselves. How many citizens would go to the police or help anyone without fear or trepidation, not many.

Cameron set up the Leveson enquiry which allowed the police to hound journalists, a sledgehammer to crack a nut. The real truth is that politicians and the police too, are fearful of a truly independent press. We are now beginning to see the need for a free press with the paedophiles in the establishment, each one protecting the other.

Freedom of speech and freedom of expression are fighting for survival in this country, something I thought would never happen here. Say something controversial and some little leftie will bring the whole establishment down on you.

We need a different government, a right wing government who will bring back freedom and sovereignty to this country. We mustn’t allow the establishment to crush UKIP, which is what they are trying to do; they are truly fearful of it.

The writing is on the wall, SNP, Marxist Labour and the Unions are banging on the door, don’t let them in.




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