Len McCluskey

Len McCluskey threatens to override laws that don’t appeal  to him. If he does that the answer is clear,  put him in jail.

We now have 129 new candidates sponsored by Unite, When you vote for them you would be a fool to think that they represent your views; they will not, they will be there to represent Unite and it revolutionary boss.

Unite has given Marxist Labour 14.3 million and Len now feels that he can threaten Marxist Labour to do his bidding; and what’s more he is right.

Vote Marxist Labour and get Unite. Haven’t we suffered enough under New Labour and now Marxist Labour. Hundreds of our troops killed, many more maimed. 100,000 Iraq people killed. Up to four million immigrants allowed in our country because the party cannot stand the English. Made the UK bankrupt, to the point where Gordon Brown was so concerned he thought he might have to bring in troops.

In addition to that we have an unelected regime in charge determined to wipe out England once and for all.

Then there is Cameron playing with the defence of our country. This is not 1939, if Putin or others decide to attack us he will not have 10 weeks (Churchill) to help get this country ready. We are facing a real threat from a number of areas and we need to respond instantly. By the time NATO or others come to our defence (assuming they will) the damage will be done.

We cannot patrol our waters, Aircraft Carriers (still in Dock) with no aircraft to put on them, helicopters will be a complete waste of time. Up to 30,000 professional troops to be disbanded whilst we continually advertise for weekend soldiers to take their place. This is a complete betrayal of this country, MPs want to stop blustering and make this man do what is right. Stop the exodus of troops, start patrolling our waters, increase ships in line with recommendations and prioritise the Carriers and aircraft. DO YOUR JOB.

Ignore the constant barrage of anti UKIP propaganda, particularly by the BBC and vote for Farage and UKIP. He has already changed the face of politics in this country, politicians are now finding it more difficult to lie.