SNP and Marxist labour

Did you see that Marxist Labour leader in waiting. Staring down the camera he states; there will be no SNP ministers in his cabinet!!

What an absolute total hypocrite, we already know this because the SNP do not want to form a government with Marxist Labour. They want to put him in office and keep him there by supporting his government and voting on English Laws on a vote by vote basis.

Marxist Labour and the SNP may well yet make the biggest mistake of their life because the English are not going to be held to ransom.  Be careful what you wish for because MPs from both sides should get used to the fact that if this comes about then the gloves are off and they should be prepared for anything.

England has had enough, we have already had Marxist Labour flooding our country with nearly four million immigrants in a deliberate policy of adulterating the English population. We have heard them on the BBC and Daily politics saying this was a mistake yet never being picked up for it; it wasn’t a mistake It was Labour Party policy.

The only way to beat this is to vote for UKIP to save England from The Marxist Labour party, SNP and the revolutionary unions. This is going to be the most important election in our time. We have to save England now or violence will surely follow.

If you love England then vote for the truth; vote UKIP



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