The defence of our realm

Once again Cameron is showing us his complete lack of judgement. There are no votes in defence! have you ever heard such twaddle from a Tory government. Time and time again he refuses to commit himself to spending 2% of GDP but shouts to the world that Britain will spend 0.7 of GDP on aid, propping up corrupt governments and countries that have no need of our money. Why does he do it, no doubt it makes him feel good on the world stage.

We have bean counters in charge of our armed forces who simply do not have a clue about what is going on in the world and are putting us all at risk. We cannot track hostile submarines in our waters without going cap in hand to America. Putin is having fun patrolling our sky’s because he now knows that we cannot stop him; even if we wanted to. We keep on about our new aircraft carriers, but all we can put on them (when they come on stream) is helicopters until 2020. Where are the MPs and why have they not put this man in his place.

The Tory party will continue to wreak havoc on our armed forces after the election (if they win) this is why they are so ambiguous when asked questions about 2% on GDP.

It is their job to defend this country, largesse with our money on aid is beyond belief when we so clearly need the money ourselves.

Cameron is not the man for the job and when he goes they will replace him with another non-conviction politician, they simply cannot seem to pick leaders so I will give them one; Gove.

Immigration is important but so is defence, that is why we should vote UKIP, Farage is the only one who speaks the truth and he will sort out immigration and spend on defence and help us stay safe.

Vote UKIP if you love England and freedom.


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