Nigel Farage

Ban racial discrimination! Already the left and some of the right are deliberately painting this as something else. This has nothing to do with ‘Ban Blacks’ as some fool has said; the world has moved on.

Why should an employer ignore a British person (what ever their colour) and give a job to a foreigner. It is about time that we started looking after the indigenous population

Have we forgotten that Harriet Harman in her so called equality bill came up with something called positive recruitment i.e. she discriminated against others in job applications to bring in female and ethnic minority people, whether they were better qualified or not against other applicants.

This was social engineering and political correctness and had nothing to do with equality. Maybe this is why we are seeing so many people, especially on the media with important jobs, but foreign sounding names. Is this discrimination against the indigenous population.


Vote UKIP for truth and end discrimination against the English.