Cameron, aid and the Tory Party


The aid bill is now enshrined in law, this tells you all you need to know about Cameron. He is treating the people with total contempt and regards financing corrupt and dubious governments with our money whilst running down our defence, is doing his job.

The more I see and hear of Cameron and his high handed approach makes more determined than ever not to vote Tory. Lies and treachery is now fairly common place in Parliament and I for one will not vote for it.

Craig Brown in the mail yesterday with his article on Farage and his coat. Why would the Mail editor pass something so bloody stupid, My Tweed coat with a velvet collar cost a lot of money, it is the fashion at the moment. I have nothing to hide and I am trustworthy and believe me I don’t have dandruff.

Putting ‘Tags’ on people because you don’t agree with them is something that the Labour party do. Remember Craig, homophobic, racist, little Englander etc.

Still Craig’s photo heading his article does shows him to be a bit of a rag-tag. You know the sort, wears last weeks underpants because its comfortable. Stuff your propaganda Craig and get a life.

Vote UKIP and forget the constant propaganda by the media. Vote for England or the SNP and their poodle to be, Marxist Labour. Which is it, I hope it is England.

Marxist Labour are now relying on the immigrants and SNP to put them in power, beware.