The Slide to Oblivion


The Tory Party always like to say that they are a One nation Conservatism. The Truth of the matter is that it is nothing more than a cliché.

They have given up on their country and the indigenous population. We have a Prime Minister whose heart is in the highly dangerous EU whilst his mouth is on the stump. This is a man who is trampling on the Magna Carter whilst extolling its virtues.

Most famously the 39th clause gave all free men justice and a fair trial. It is fair to say that it is the mast famous document in the world. many of the Magna Carters’ core principles are echoed in the  United States Bill of Rights and in many other constitutional documents around the world.

How does the 39th clause sit with the European Arrest Warrant, it doesn’t of course it is a complete anathema, it is a complete denunciation of the Magna Carter; and Cameron knows it. Both he and his cohorts who welcome this monstrosity are giving up on our freedom and a right to justice. Already there are men and women and in some cases, children who have already felt its impact, but does Cameron care, of course he doesn’t.

There was a time when the Tory party could be relied upon to defend our nation against aggressors. The defence of the realm was inviolable, unchallengeable but not any more, Cameron would rather prop up corrupt countries or give our money to those who take it, but don’t need it.

The aid budget is nothing more than an insult to the Nation, a classic case of I know what I am doing and you don’t. Our air defence has more than halved, 33 fighter squadrons in 1990, 17 by 2003 and now we are down to about seven. We got rid of Nimrod and now we cannot patrol our waters, others have to do it for us.

The Royal Navy has been reduced to 19 surface ships, despite the fact that the last Strategic defence review suggested that it should be 30. Aircraft carriers without aircraft and twenty thousand professional troops to be replaced by weekend reservists.

Some mouthpieces in the party are saying it is Osborne’s fault and not Cameron, sorry who is the Prime Minister? If Osborne cannot find the money then take a couple of billion of the aid budget. Cameron should remember that he is responsible for the defence of the realm. Forget Junkers European army, you really are due for renewal if you even contemplate it.

The SNP are getting full of it and what they intend to do to England after the election. If they, Marxist Labour (supported by immigrants) and those complete and utter idiots in the green party (Liberal) and the unions get together then they can expect the very worst from English and patriotic nationals. I suspect that it will not be safe for any Scottish, Labour or Green party MPs to walk the streets, they will have gone to far and the gloves will be off; It is my opinion that it will be civil war and they will be driven out. The left have always gone to streets to make their point and deny others but that can work both ways.

England has been literally  threatened by the SNP

Who the hell are they to threaten us.

England is constantly under threat from here and overseas. The left has successfully ensured that whenever the English flag is raised it is associated with racism. Labour should now realise that using the police and repressive legislation to suppress dissent is no longer going to work  This has got to stop and England must rise up and deal with it, we need an English Parliament, and our own broadcasting service, why should we pay for a left wing organisation called the BBC which long ago acceded to the left.

If ever there was a time to rally and save England it is now UKIP is the only party that stands for England. If the other parties get in then be prepared for violence because it will surely come.




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