Cage, BBC, Sky News


We should not be surprised that the BBC and Sky also, broadcast propaganda from this vile organisation. This surely is more than a affront to those who have died in the most horrible circumstances. It does show, however, that the left feel that they have nothing to fear from the establishment or police, whatever they do.

This is aiding and abetting  violence of the most foul and most abominable people to tread this earth. Why are they not taken into custody and charged forthwith.

Are they not guilty of incitement to racial hatred and religious hatred also; where is the Special Crime and Counter terrorism who should deal with this.

Still nothing will happen because racial hatred and religious hatred are confined to Mr and Mrs Christians and not to Muslims.

Blair and the Labour Party were guilty of creating Londonistan, they let anyone in because they wanted to rub our nose in diversity, it wasn’t a mistake as they keep on saying, it was a deliberate act. Why would anyone vote for such a despicable and vile party setting out to adulterate the English indigenous population.

Cameron and Clegg have much to answer for too, because they are not dealing with this situation. We are still allowing every ‘Man Jack’ into this country including followers of ISIS. Every man and woman, children also that leaves this country to join, should never be allowed back in. Stop talking about poor little girls and boys being radicalised, they know what they are doing and so do most of their parents.

As with the last government in particular, Muslims are to be treated with kid gloves. Instead of dealing with Cage in the proper manner they enjoy substantial grants from left wing organisations and are given endless time on television to spout their vile propaganda or rape our women, the latter, thanks to Labour’s deliberate blindness.

The left are now clearly on the side of Muslim radicals so they are even more dangerous. There are thousands of Muslims are in this country who take our money and enjoy our way of life but hate us for who and what we are, so they are intent on changing our way of life, whatever the cost.

Forget rules and regulations, these people want to harm us so get them out now. Start giving our security organisations the support they deserve.

We have seen that the establishment, media and left wing organisations are in full swing denouncing and denigrating UKIP. Andrew on Daily politics made a fool of himself by going overboard with Suzanne Evans by rubbishing UKIP right left and centre. I wonder what was on his little note-pad, something like make sure you come up with racist etc. etc. The man has no credibility what so ever.

Look at the left parading in Margate, also did Mel Brooks do a deal with the left? some paper should check it out.

As for violence you don’t need to look at the BNP, violence abounds with the left, it is what they do best of all.

So vote for UKIP and ignore the left and their storm troopers. It is your country so don’t give it to a Marxist organisation supported by the SNP, Liberals and revolutionary unions.

VOTE UKIP; its your country.


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