Mel Brooks, the left and Nazis

Where were the police today when Mel Brooks and his Nazis showed up on UKIPs conference. Where too were the left wing agitators when Mel Brooks Storm -troopers paraded on the streets of Margate. They were nowhere to be seen because this was not a coincidence.

This American should take his Nazi party to America or drop them in the ocean on the way over. No one should go to his play, he should take his politics and get well and truly stuffed.

Had a right wing group done the same thing the police would have come down on them like a ton of bricks. Why is right that they should do this in front of a German woman, it was an affront that should be addressed.

The more I see of this blatant attempt by the left to denigrate UKIP the more determined I am to vote for them. What we have is a conspiracy that goes to the top involving the media and others to deny us our right to vote. It is bad enough that we have to pay a licence fee to support a left wing organisation like the BBC operating under the banner of being fair and impartial!

A judge has banned a father from taking his child to UKIP meeting on the basis that it might harm him. This is absolutely outrageous, is he going to ban some other father from taking his child to a Labour Marxist meeting or some other sneering socialist party. Of course not this purely political, even judges can no longer be trusted.

The left wing rot has permeated the whole of our system, denying our right to vote by bringing pressure to bear in different ways. We do not have true democratic rights any more, there is a foulness in the system that needs to be got rid of.

The last government were good at this, placing a tag on any one who complained, homophobic, racist, laws that allowed immigrants to punish people who professed to be Christians, Multiculturism every one else’s faith but Christianity. Stamp on the English and wipe them out as a Nation State.

It is why we must vote for UKIP, the truth must be spoken and we must get rid of the left who hate the English so much.

The indigenous population will need to vote UKIP if you want your country back.

Finally I am already sick of these people who are now saying that Jihadi John was gentle etc. etc. Each one of the Cage people should be put on a plane and kicked out now. It is because of these people that we are seeing persecution and the murdering of Christians and other innocents.

Do not blame us for Jihadi John’s evil ways, he is a  Muslim and backed by far too many people in this country. It is Islam who has brought this malevolence  to this country and others too; they are to blame. God knows this and will seek to revenge the murder of his followers.

Vote UKIP, it is our country.


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