Hate the English

The SNP hate us, The divisive Marxist Labour party hate us, The Unions Hate us and the Liberals are fools, but they hate us also; the left hate England.

Apart from immigrants why on earth would any of the indigenous population vote for the above.

A vote is a stick for them to beat us with, and believe me that is what most certainly will do.

Have faith and vote for UKIP, they are English, speak the truth and are patriots.

Cameron is working hard to hand us over lock, stock and barrel to that unelected regime across the water, in the meantime he is leaving us open to attack by those who now know what he thinks of in defending the realm.

He is giving corrupt regimes our money in large doses, so much so that he cannot spend it fast enough. He is not fit to be Prime Minister.

We need a Thatcher a patriotic Prime Minister and not a man who is selling us down the river.



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