The new Sudetenland

Russia is ‘on a roll’ as he knows that the West is weak in deed and thought. Soon he will be demanding that Ukraine should be annexed to Russia and who will stop him.

Cameron will not, despite his rhetoric, he has and is continuing to compromise the defence of this country; we are now weak at sea and land. Putin’s air force and ships are patrolling our waters without so much as a by your leave. He already knows that Cameron is full of it and has dismissed him.

Cameron has shown a wanton disregard for the defence of our realm and has abandoned England to pursue his reckless pursuit of personal fame by propping up corrupt countries with our money whilst we go short.

Cameron is now going to share our weapons with NATO, how far will this man sink; how foolish can you get.

Our MPs too have much to be ashamed of, is there one MP who comes anywhere near a conviction politician. Is there one MP who actually loves his country and is prepared to make his voice heard, unfortunately I doubt it.

We now have a government who has managed to disparage the word Conservative and should change their name to reflect that. We don’t need Red Ed to know that they have become greedy and are prepared to take their money wherever it comes from and if that means protecting their interests, then they will.

Cameron will lose the next election because he is devious and simply cannot be trusted, the people know it. His MPs live in hope.

He rammed gay marriage down our throats, despite huge protests, why? He dismissed one of his best ministers because the left wing teaching unions demanded it, now he and his present minister are happily going along the road to demonising virtual babies because they don’t understand homophobia or welcome Muslims.

It is sick, totally sick, again where are those MPs who are there to protect the young and the old, to busy perhaps protecting the paedophiles. Going back into the past with an enquiry is a classic way of kicking it all in to the grass.

In the meantime our so called police force (with the exception of security) are now drinking cokes in cafes. Nowadays they do not prevent crime and disorder anymore, but if there is a political call then you can be prepared for a section attack on you or your home. We used to go over the border in Borneo to find the enemy with less men and arms!

There is now a concerted attack on UKIP, Channel four has now joined the melee. Remember truth is the first casualty of war, and this is how the left wing media see it, to them it is a war; Get UKIP

Why is that the left hate their country so much, why are they here with their class hatreds and continual lies Why is it also that the so called working class cannot see that the left are all about hate and don’t actually care about them. They are not the labour party of old who actually cared about their country and people and neither are the immigrants.

Time now to embrace UKIP who despite their learning phase, speak the truth and care about their country. Vote for them so that who ever wins they will be kingmaker. God forbid we end up with Labour dictated to by the SNP and the Unions.

They will wipe England of the map, there will be no England

Read Chapter God Bless England


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