Memories are all we have.


I have not published these past five days, because my beautiful wife has passed away from pancreatic cancer; six months that is all it took.

In the last three months or more I took over and in the last two weeks I showed her more than ever just how much I loved her.

My wife’s last three days was traumatic, on Wednesday  the fourth the doctor put her to sleep at four in the morning with morphine. At ten am I took her to the Pilgrims hospice and held her hand all day. The Father came in at four pm and said Holy Communion, prayed over her and blessed her.

At four thirty pm her heart stopped and she left me. At that moment in time there was stillness, then peacefulness; the agony had gone.

Apart from helping myself why am I telling you this? I will tell you why, from the moment she was diagnosed the NHS has been absolutely marvellous in every way shape and form, particularly the District Nurses who exercised such care and with such compassion.

As for the Pilgrims Hospice, what can I say, words fail me. The palliative care, with both of them over the past months, was nothing more than superb; and given with such kindness.

Red Ed should stop running down the NHS and besmirching those who do their best. He should stick to the political ideologue’s who run the NHS and he is one of them. .




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