Red Ed

Red Ed and the Marxist Labour party are now showing their hand, backed of course by the revolutionary Unions.

Should they get into power I predict two things will happen:

  • They will as usual destroy our economy yet again and in a very short
  • This time they will bring violence to the streets, and it wont be the usual left wing orchestrated violence.

Using repressive legislation as the did last time will not work. Using the police, tribunals and the courts to stymie peoples right to speech is at an end.

This party is inherently dangerous to England.

Brown has let the cat out of the bag, it is all about screwing the English taxpayer. This government should take note that no Scottish MP should be allowed to vote on English matters. Already Cameron weakness’s shows through, we should not be talking about an agreement with the Scots, it is about no votes.


Vote UKIP for truth and a way out of corruption which has manifested itself across England.


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