Christopher Booker & Marxist Labour




Thank God there are people like Christopher Booker who are able and willing to expose the obscene ultra secret courts and those who run them.

Look at part of his article below, particularly the second paragraph. It is almost impossible to believe that you are looking at the machinations of a British Court and Social Services.

Apart from the so called ultra court what sort of people do we have in our social services, and the things they do to those who are helpless,  goes beyond words.

In the last war many people died in the fight to destroy the ugliness which characterised the Nazi party only to have it resuscitated by an British Court and social services.

Cameron and the Lord Chancellor & Secretary of State for Justice are clearly quite happy for this state of affairs to continue, so to are MPs on both sides. When it comes to uttering the word Justice it must stick in their craw.

When you look at our Leaders and MPs along side conviction and patriotic politicians like Churchill and Thatcher, you begin to realise how truly insignificant they really are

Why does it take a journalist to expose the disgusting and foul nature of the courts and social services. Why is it allowed to continue.

Booker Telegraph

My Italics

“The other case I have long been following with dismay, but without being allowed to write about it. This concerned an 80-year-old who, after a complaint from a man who lived close by that he was being “neglected”, was in 2010 taken by Essex social workers to a care home, not only against his wishes but also initially without court permission. To the fury of his son, who had been abroad at the time, Essex was then authorised to take control of his father’s home and all his assets, including valuable family heirlooms.

Such a blanket of secrecy was thrown around the case by Judge Anselm Eldergill in the Court of Protection that it was virtually impossible to refer to it at all. The father, miserably imprisoned behind locked doors, was only allowed occasional visits from his son, and even these were eventually suspended. Meanwhile, the council set about selling the father’s family home (to someone who had originally reported him to the social workers) and all his prized possessions to defray the costs of his “care” and ever-mounting legal fees.”


This is more than a National Scandal, the shame and the dishonour affects us all.

We need a right wing government to address the decadence and secrecy across, what seems to be whole of our institutions.

Vote for truth and UKIP or a Marxist government in waiting, ready to destroy who and what we are. Each time we see a Labour politician interviewed, the lies roll off them like ‘water of a ducks back’. This coming election will be different with the SNP ready to do anything to bring about what they want in Scotland i.e. screwing the English for money.

Further to that, this Marxist government in waiting has had high level talk with Sinn Fein to support their cause!! The IRA murdered up to 3,000 people in their time and tried to wipe out our elected government.

This is the Marxist Labour headed by Miliband, who would do a deal with the devil to get in power. First they give a green card to murderers and now this, what a disgusting, indecent and unwholesome party they are’

VOTE UKIP FOR TRUTH a party that truly represents the English people.



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