Cameron’s views



Once again Cameron has come up with one of his endless speeches on what should and shouldn’t be done. He talks about the internet and how we must make sure that it is not a “safe haven” for jihadists.

Am I missing a trick here, Cameron and other before him (in particular the Labour government) have made England a “safe haven” for terrorists. They can burn our flag on the streets, butcher our men women and children, parade next to our soldiers being brought home in a coffin, with banners calling them murders etc. and nothing is done, absolutely nothing.

However we do look after their relatives in a very generous way, the wives and children of these terrorists we give them homes, support and of course our money; you can bet none of these is on a waiting list. The whole thing is outrageous

Is it any wonder that right wing groups a forming when the government of the day gives so much to our enemies residing here in our country.

Much is made, and quite rightly too, that children suffer immensely because of being born out of wedlock, single mothers and that most hateful of terms “My Partner” Again Cameron has championed marriage but under his time in office he has done nothing to promote marriage, he has been to busy advocating gay marriage which no one wanted, why?

In the meantime his education secretary has backed Ofcom asking small children questions on Lesbians, homosexuals and Muslims all under the heading of British values!! What sort of people can look a small child in the eye and ask these question? to my mind only sick people.

This is a country where they would rather give an innocent child to gay parents than give it a home with a traditional married couple. We are becoming decadent. Where are those people with clout who can call this to a halt, or do we have wait for ordinary people on the right to resolve it.

Clegg believes we should not tell people how to live, what a totally miserable get out from a man in his position.

Churchill is being celebrated today and so he should. I was enjoying Jeremy Paxman’s view on Churchill right up until he interviewed that pathetic man on the lowering of the cranes; a symbolic moment which has been remembered by the whole world. He brought the whole of that memory crashing down because we had a bunch of trade unionists who had to be paid to do it, why, because they didn’t like him.  How bloody typical that it was trade unionists and their politics of envy that soured the moment.

Jeremy Paxman should have left out that miserable interview with that pathetic little man and left us with the memory, what a dismal man he really is.

Churchill was human and in his life he gave us everything, warts and all. He was a man of the moment who stirred the nation with his oratory and supplied the moral resistance required at that time. That is what we and others at his state funeral were remembering; without Churchill we would have lost the war, it is as simple as that. A man without equal.

Vote UKIP for truth and a chance to be English and proud of ourselves.


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