Harriet Harman employs her new weapon on the road to the election, she targets men. It is in keeping with the Marxist Labour party as they regularly trade on hatred, so Harriet’s misandry coming to the fore is not something we should be surprised at. They are nasty people.

The Marxist Labour party, the SNP backed up by the Greens (Old Liberal Party) is something to worry about. Labour have already shown us that the country always come second to the Labour party. When push comes to shove they will drop us like vermin and give the SNP all that they want.

This is no longer an election, it is a fight for England and our way of life.

We have to counter this by voting UKIP, forget the conspiracy by the media to denigrate UKIP. Daily Politics yesterday was an example of Jo from the BBC going backwards in her attempt to rubbish UKIP by bringing up comments from years ago etc. most of it unfounded. So forget the left wing comments, insinuations and ambiguities and concentrate on what is good for this country.

We need seats for UKIP to counter the above, and remember we are up against many immigrants who vote for Labour; we cannot have them decide the fate of this England.



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