The more you succumb to the gay lobbies indulgences and left wing ideologies the more we slide into all that we know is wrong.

Asking young girls and boys about gay sex, lesbians and whether their views on Muslims conforms to their interrogator’s  twisted view on life is bordering on debauchery.

Ofsted inspectors are not there surly, to intimidate young children and brand them as bigots for not coming up with the right answer to questions that should not be asked.

Will the Ofsted Inspectors now go to an Islamic school and ask young Muslims their opinion on homosexuality. and when the wrong answer comes back (which it will) will they brand them as bigots.

Who is the ‘tall bald man’ in charge of these questions, let us see what sort of man it is that draws young children into the net of immorality.

Where is the education Secretary, we know her views changed on same sex marriages. What are her views on pertinent questions being asked of young children with regard to gay and lesbians. If she reads a story to her young son at night, does she as a responsible parent question him on his views! can she do what Ofsted does and that is look a small innocent child in the eye and talk about lesbians and gay men.

We have seen that decadence starts at the top in parliament and now it has permeated down and involves children. The whole thing is ugly.

Where is Mumsnet? do they approve of young children being interrogated?  if not then say so out loud. I cannot believe that any parent would allow this to happen, protect the children; that is what you are there for.

Vote for UKIP for truth. Don’t worry about the Greens, they are Liberals wearing a different coat because they know they have been rumbled. They are still the same bunch of idiots, left of the left and are as woolly as ever.


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