English votes



The Tories are prevaricating, Cameron’s has become famous for his ‘things to be done’ but more famous still for his endless PR bluster. He cannot be trusted to look after England and the indigenous population; England is being sold down the line.

The SNP are playing a dangerous game. More and more people are fed up with Scotland and it is time for an English vote to decide whether we want them or not.

Maybe it is about time that we put a barricade up over all the entry points to England; Give them what they want and let them stew. It is simple we can all remember the time when we all said don’t buy Irish goods.

More over stop giving the Scots £1600 more per head than the English, we have enough people sponging off us anyway.

Vote UKIP and you will get UKIP and let us hold the balance of power.

The Chilcot enquiry is obviously a conspiracy, the establishment has become corrupt and Tony Blair dominance is more extensive than we think! I bet that Red Ed and the Labour party is glad that he voted so many times against an enquiry.

Those who were involved in the Iraq deception are now sitting pretty, not so the dead and wounded soldiers, Iraq civilians and the violence now sweeping the world

VOTE UKIP and let us get the truth up front


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