Muslim Council of Great Britain and Protests

They have taken umbrage at Pickle’s letter, why?

Until Islam came along we did not have (other than the IRA) violence, the threat of violence or the systematic rape of English girls by Muslim men, or the constant threat of making our country an Islamic state.

What have the so called Muslim Council done to eliminate any of this, nothing. What we do have is Muslims who are determined to dress differently, apply their own law and cause dissent where ever they go.

It is time for us to have our own country back and if Islamist love your own so much then go back home, however, they wont as you would rather we sunk to the same level that prompted you to leave your own country and come England for freedom.

The Mayor of Rotterdam is absolutely right.

Vote UKIP and let us take back what is ours, a Christian country at peace with itself.

Take note are we going to vote for a Marxist government headed by a man who deliberately kept quiet about the fact that the British economy “was about to fall off a cliff”.

A man also who was also part of a deliberate attempt to adulterate the English indigenous population so that they could rub the rights nose in diversity! This from a man who was an English MP!!

This man was part of a government who landed us with up to four million immigrants, which has played havoc with our schools, housing and NHS.

He was part of a New Labour government that deliberately lied to the people and parliament and as a result many brave soldiers died and were injured in a war designed just to please Bush. Blair is now protected by Chilcot without due regard to those who died, he and others who knew what was going on should be tried for war crimes.

Chilcot is making sure that everything is under wraps until the election is over.

What does it take for people to realise how foul these people in the Labour party are. It is now possible that Red Ed will team up with the left wing  Greens, who want to cover our landscape with windmills and soak us dry on energy prices. Red Ed will team up with the SNP whose whole declared aim in life;

is to cause maximum dissent in our parliament whilst doing their own bit to fleece the English for all they are worth.

Finally the Unions will at last have their own revolutionary way with us. It was Thatcher who rescued us before, who is there now?

I predict that if this comes about then the combination of an undemocratic EU and the above will be civil disorder or worse.

I believe that Tony Blair’s use of the Serious Organised Crime bill to protect the Labour Party from massed marches around parliament and so denying the freedom to protest will certainly need to be established again, but if it comes to that it will be too late.

It is my personal belief that the English people will have had enough and that immigrants in their thousands deciding who rules this land will be one step too far.

My book written in 2000 has already predicted much that has happened. Ctrl+click to open

VOTE UKIP they are the peoples party, and actually represent the true indigenous people.


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