Conversion and persecution.



Have I missed a trick here! Another Christian, a nurse named Victoria Wasteney was disciplined by the NHS for alleged bullying and harassment for praying for a Muslim. Bullying and harassment!!

How many Christians have been targeted by Muslims and the Islamic community for conversion to the Islamic faith, to the point where some have committed acts of violence. In fact how many are being targeted right now and how many Muslims are being brought to account by the powers to be; none.

If you do not believe in Islam you are an infidel, or a more derogatory term is Kafir  a word widely used by the Muslim community against Christians, despite the fact  that they both believe in God.

Have you been approached by a Muslim with view to converting you to Islam?

Put it on Facebook or approach the government.

This is another situation where there is one law for the Islamic community and one for Christians, and that extends into Sharia Law. Clearly Christians are being persecuted for their faith, here in England and overseas by peace loving Islam where they are being murdered. What we now need is for Christian fundamentalism to start raising it’s head, and for that we must look to the fundamentalist Carmel School of thought:

Carmel Christian Centres should be supported and increased to counter the insurgence against Christian beliefs. It is no good looking to the government or the Queen for protection. The government is still frightened of Islam and the Queen will not speak out to protect the faith she once promised faithfully to protect.

The letter from the government to the Islamic community has not gone down very well, they seem to be slighted. This surly is typical in that they are permanently walking around with a grievance. It is not us but you who are the problem, despite the fact that it is they who have placed themselves on the outside of our community.

They do not like who or what we are, they don’t like our customs our dress or our faith but they do like our beneficence.

They came here because they presumably they hated violence and the lack of respect afforded by their own country to their families and in most instances too they were poor, with no way of getting out of it. Now they bask in what they left behind and we are left threatened by them.

Isn’t it typical that Pickles talks about protecting Muslims from violence, some how he has his facts back to front.

Tell that to the 52 people who died at Russell Square on the 7th of July in 2005 or Lee Rigby hacked to death on an English Street.

  Who by the way is threatening Jews? apart from a very small minority of idiots which you will get anywhere, in any society, it is certainly not the English community. So my message to the Jews is stay, you are welcome.

The Jews are and have been part of our society for a very long time. The fact that the media and polls have asked selective questions about the Jews, tells you more about the media’s penchant for divisive news and the need to sell papers.

Now we seem to have a classical anti-Semitism by Arabs against Jews which has manifested itself in this country, however, Jews do not need to feel afraid of the indigenous English society despite, what others might say.

Farage is right, our complacent  politicians are guilty of moral cowardice. Full of self righteous fools, who have allowed the Muslims to run rings around them and in doing so have allowed radical Islam to gain substantial ground in England.

Now they are a threat to our society; and these same blubbing politicians think that a whimpering letter to Imams will solve our problems. May God help us all.

VOTE for UKIP and a party that fully represent us.


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